I’m Writing A Cookbook!

Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi

After dicking around for about a year, I’m restarting this blog.  While I though I was ready to start this blog and start a cookbook, but I just wasn’t, OK???  I was afraid – but I’m NOT AFRAID ANYMORE!

I’M NOT AFRAID!!!!!!  *sobbing*

So I junked all of the previous blog posts from my first time working through this blog.  Trust and believe – they were NOT GREAT.  But, the whole idea of the blog is the same – you’re coming on a dang journey with me, dear readers.  You’re going to see me sort through the creation of a cookbook. This includes the following bits:

  • Concept development & refinement
  • Recipe creation
  • Do I need an agent? Who’s going to publish this shit?
  • What are other cookbooks all about?  (How the fuck did Zac Posen write a cookbook???)
  • Starting a feud with Zac Posen
  • MYSTERY – who will I acknowledge in the acknowledgements?  NOT ZAC POSEN.
  • Critical praise for the finished product, awards, love letters from my fans, etc.

How does this sound?  Are you all excited about this???  I fucking hope so!





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