Failure: choco peanut butter sasquatches

I’m getting frustrated, team. I can’t quite seem to get my bakes and things to turn out the way I want to anymore. I’m losing patience. I don’t have a lot of time to devote to this hobby right now so when I have what I think is a good idea and should be easy to execute I’m doubly upset when it doesn’t turn out.

Oh. And here’s an embarrassing confession. I also really like getting likes and follows on Instagram because it makes me feel like people in real life like me and I know logically that I should feel validated by the people in my real life, but I do secretly enjoy the attention. Secret’s out now, bitch! So when I have a lil idea like this i really want it to turn out and go viral and maybe someday I’ll be an Internet influencer and jet around the world to get ted talks. Well, that door is closing. I’m almost 43 and if these shits have anything to say about it, I’m not going anywhere anytime soon.

Quick sidebar – these were supposed to be chocolate peanut butter sasquatches. The idea came to me in a dream. It’s just a buckeye that I painted a chocolate mustache on. They didn’t even taste good so it was a complete fail from beginning to end.

ANYWAY – I just needed to vent. I know great things happen when you practice and take time to do things right so I just need to reset myself and try again another time. I’m feeling bad about myself and that’s just going to be how I feel for a little bit.

This is a picture of my grandma showing off here coloring in her nursing home elevator back in 2013. This makes me smile. I’m going to bed soon. GOOD NIGHT!!!!!

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