pastels de nata!

Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi!

Y’all! It’s been a real minute since last blog! Wow wow wow wow wow! I’m sure y’all were all “what is happening with my fave blogger – JACKO!?”

Well, team – I’m the last two months, I moved houses and started a new job!

Here’s the new house – The Mint Biscuit

Team! She needs some dang work! We need a new garage and a basement reno and the dishwasher top rack is a disaster and almost broke all my finest rosé glasses! But we love the location: so close to Rita & Skipper, farmers market, Park of Noses. And our neighbors are currently playing Lizzo on repeat while they clean out the garage, so you know this is a banging street.

AND – as I mentioned just sentences ago, I got a new job! I’m the new Brand Manager at Bob Evans, y’all!!! Biscuits & gravy! I started two weeks ago and already am v in love with it. I do my first in-restaurant training Monday! I’m all up in the grits and so forth!

And tonite, jimmy and I are walking down to Rita & Skipper’s to make some final plans for our big trip at the end of the month: Portugal & Morocco! Do y’all remember five years ago when I tried to take myself on a trip to Portugal?? We got like two hours over the Atlantic and someone had a heart attack on the plane. We had to go back to the States to let Ol Boy off the plane (he was FINE) and then we couldn’t restart the trip that night or the next day or the day after that, so my whole trip was completely hosed. And my luggage got lost maybe in Arizona? Who knows!?

But – this time, we will absolutely make the trip and it will be perfect and we’ll see camels and spice markets and so many cute churches and mosques and maybe snakes in baskets??? To get us in the total Portuguese mood, I made these traditional Pastels de Nata (spelling???). They’re these sweet egg custard tarts and I really blew it, team. My oven doesn’t get hot enough to blister the tops and I didn’t have small enough muffin tins. Also i beefed the puff pastry so they don’t have the trademark spiral bottoms, so these are just real fucked but also real delicious. And I won’t apologize for these shits no more. I TRIED! HOORAY! Anyway! That’s it!!! Hope y’all are having a blessed September! BYE!

2 thoughts on “pastels de nata!”

  1. I’d love to eat the desserts you call messed up. These look delicious to me. I mean, what’s to say that’s not how they were supposed to look all along. Maybe it’s the Portuguese who for generations have been making those pretty ones all wrong. You’ve finally gone back back back back to the original form where they were meant to look sloppy. 😉


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