Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi!

Hey. Who here loves Pat Benatar?


and who here loves peanut butter?


Have I got the dessert for you!

And it’s so great for the summer because there’s no oven, and if you do it right – only one bowl. Here’s what you do. Take two sticks of butter and microwave til melted in a giant glass bowl. Then plop in 2 cups of powdered sugar, 1.5 cups PB (peanut butter, not Pat Benatar, stupid) and two crushed sleeves of graham crackers. NOTE: some recipes will tell you to completely pulverize the crackers into a fine dust. That’s your prerogative. I like bigger cracker chunks up in my bars for extra crunch. THAT’S MY PREROGATIVE, TRICK!

Wait. Are you listening to Hit Me With Your Best Shot while this is happening? If not, turn that shit on.

Now mix all this shit in your melted butter bowl until it’s mixed. Then spread it up in a baking tray. Like a 9×13, ok?

Ok. Clean out the empty bowl. Then – plop in 1/4 cup PB and 2 cups semi-sweet choco chips. I suppose you can use dark choco here. Or milk. But not me. I like semis for this shit. Microwave this 30 seconds at a time until the choco is melted. Don’t over microwave or your shit will burn.

Need something to do while the choco is microwaving? Watch this Seinfeld clip featuring Heartbreaker. CLIP!

When you have a bowl full of melted chocolate, spread it on the PB layer. Now here’s the fun part. Find some pretzel sticks and use them to make your best portrait of Pat Benatar.

I don’t recommend this one. It’s gorgeous but you’ll never capture this in a 9×13 pretzel portrait. No way. Although – prove me wrong! I’d love to see it.

CONFESSION: this wasn’t my first PBPBB. I attempted this back in 2016 and here’s how that turned out.

PAT!? You reading this? Hey – I hope you love it. I love it and I love you and your songs! If you’re ever in Columbus and you need some We Belong back-up vocals, give me a call. I’M AN EXCELLENT SINGER!

Here’s one last look at these dang bars! not as great sliced, but still delicious, team!


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