Focaccia Breakfast Sando!

Hi hi hi hi!

I made my first ever focaccia yesterday and it turned out pretty medium. I liked it just fine but my dumb oven underbaked it. Paul Hollywood gave me three frowns and spit on my face. I DESERVED IT!

But then I was like “remember when Molly Yeh turned her focaccia into a breakfast sando on her lil show?” I ran to the tv and scoured my saved episodes and guess what. I DANG DELETED IT! I kept “Girl Brunch” and “Chicken Birthday” and “Husband Allergies” and “Aunt Tutu Visits Again”. But I deleted “Breakfast Sandos!”

But then I found it on her blog! Haha! I’m such a dope. Here it is! LINK!!!!

What else? What else….

God bless America – things are really happening around here!

Remember last year, when Jim and I bought our house and I loved it???

Well, we decided we hate this house and we’re moving!

Haha! Lol. Jk. It’s a great house but we are moving. This house is way to big for two homos and two dingus beagles. We’re downsizing! To this dump!

Cute cute cute!

Anyway – we’re closing on the new house in a few weeks and will be all moved in by early August. And current house is in contract, so if you wanted to live where Jim and I hold hands and smile politely at each other – too late, champ.

Oh! Forgot to mention that new house is right up the street from my dang sister! And across the street from a gigantic park. And right around the corner from Clintonville farmers market and a 10 minute walk from my fave Starbucks with my hunky barista Mr Man. What a dream!!!!

And I’m already thinking about a garage renovation and new porch and new fun basement situation and where will I put all of my junk???? Off to ikea for so much storage nonsense!!!! I’m so excited!!!!!!

Anyway – that’s really the big news here.


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