Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi!

Y’all! Hello

And happy Easter.

Listen. Easter is a pretty medium holiday for me. I’m former Catholic but very much have ISSUES UPON ISSUES with Catholics and Christians and the whole business these days. And just earlier this morning I had a new thought. You know how Jesus lived in way-before-modern-science times? Listen. Maybe he wasn’t really dead before he came back to life – just really dehydrated? He just was definitely crucified which sounds awful but then his body shut down and he was almost dead but not 100% dead? (Yeesh. We’re getting into some real real dangerous waters here, team).

Anyway – believe in Jesus and Easter if you’d like. Or don’t. It’s all fine with me! I just like Easter for the annual lamb cakes and I get to see my family and jimmy’s family. We saw a good chunk of jimmy’s family in the Cleve yesterday including COCO the puppy! I got to talk about MURDER with jimmy’s niece Midge, who lives in PITTSBURGH! (Here’s coco)

We’re seeing my team today. Rita and the Skip are hosting this year and this babe just got back from like 10 days in dang Nepal!

Anyway! Lamb cakes! Now this year, my dingus friend Robert Mahar (the STAR of TV’s Making It!) challenged me to an Easter Cake-Off, which is a thing. We never talked about voting or prizes so I’m not sure what the hell is happening other than I’m making an Easter cake and so is he. Hi Robert!

I haven’t gotten to see Roberts cake yet but will share his when I see it! Im just putting my cake here for you to take a look at! OK!!!!????

(Oh hello! It’s a few hours later! Here’s his cake! Pretty cute, but LACKING STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY! I’m calling it – VOLPI VICTORY!!!!)

I was tired of doing the actual lamb tin cakes so I did a little sheet cake lamb this year. And you know. There’s not a lot more to say about it!!!! Happy Dehydrated Jesus Day!

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