Lobby Boy Mini-Cakes!

Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi!

Y’all! It’s been a few weeks, right??? I’ve been real busy with OTHER THINGS!

Y’all! Remember my last blog post when I was all about Wes Anderson movies? This is my number two bake from the Grand Budapest Hotel. They’re Lobby Boy mini-cakes! Can’t you just imagine checking in to the GBH and you get a lobby boy mini-cake to eat on your way up to your room??? Wow wow wow! What a fun idea! I was just at a hotel in Atlanta where they gave all the guests a PBR because the hotel was built on top of a gentleman’s club and one of the dancing ladies crushed PBR between her boobies.

Here’s some other ideas for hotels:

1. Happy hour petting zoo. Pet armadillos and have a Chardonnay.

2. No continental breakfast, but boxes of cereal and milk jugs delivered to every hotel room at 7am.

3. Frickin NETFLIX in every dang room. No Golf Channel.

4. Fake weddings to crash every Saturday night in the hotel ballroom.

5. Free military style head shaves for guests on July 4 and Veterans Day.

6. John Cena stays for free whenever he wants as long as he takes his dang shirt off.

7. Drums in the basement so you can drum for a little bit if you want to.

8. A mini Target on the roof for you to hang out in and do a little shopping while your dang weiner kids are at the pool. Free Chardonnay at the rooftop mini Target also….

Anyway! These are just lil cakes that I made with a cream cheese frosting. And now they’re going into the garbage because what am I gonna do with these? Eat them? I’m so fat as it is. GARBAGE!

Hope y’all have a great week!

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