Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi!

Hey y’all!

So y’all don’t get your panties in a steamed-up wreck, I’ll tell you RIGHT NOW that there’s no real recipe for these Snoreos. They’re just the homemade Oreos from the Bravetart cookbook with Dayquils just plopped on top. For extra fanciness, I embossed a Volpi Vs on the tops. I suppose if you want to be double lazy, you can use store-bought Oreos, and if you really want to zonk out, you can use Zquils or Ambien or whatever sleeping pill you have laying around. I only had expired Dayquils and they do just fine in a pinch.

And this shouldn’t need to be said, but obviously consult your packaging for dosage…. Only 1 Snoreo for every like 24 hours. Sheesh!

Anyway, quick blog story about my sleep.

1. I think I’m mildly allergic to the beagles because I wake up with so many boogs in my nose that I can’t breathe….. so many nighttime boogs, y’all!

2. Speaking of the beags, they’re both real active throughout the night constantly getting under the covers and then over the covers and then pushing me away from them with their tiny pee-paws. Vito in particular is basically the Third Reich pushing into my Sudetenland. Besides the boogs, I’m also barely clinging on to the side of Eastern Europe over here….

3. And speaking of Nazis, I had this dream that I was in some kind of work camp last night and they were chopping hands off with piano wire! I had to scream into a burlap sack because i didn’t want to call attention to myself. Honestly, how is that something my brains came up with??? Very very unsettling!

4. Back to dogs, is everyone watching that Dogs show on Netflicks????? It’s so good!

Ok! Well a lot was said in this blog! I hope y’all are having a great weekend!!!! SNOREOS!

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