Gingery Madeline’s and a Movie

The little fuckers didn’t have the underside Madeline humps, so they’re garbage. But these are gingerbready because HOLIDAYS! The whole dang kitchen smelled like the month of November just exploded. LOVELY! Fuck you, rest of the year!

Anyway – no recipe for these cuz no hump. I gotta keep pressing on!

Also! Last night, I started rewatching Julie & Julia. Obviously, the Julia bits are the best bits. But – I started to pay attention to the Julie bits. JULIE POWELL – if this movie is an accurate depiction of you – you’re a fucking asshole. This dick has tantrums for having shitty aspics and woo-woos over the dumbest bullplops. She’s such a drip to her awesome huz. But then she gets this massive following? For what??? I read her blog. She quotes Family Guy. Fuck off, Julie.

Maybe I’m just sour grapes, y’all! Probably!

Honestly, this movie had me verrrrrry against Amy Adams for a very long time and it wasn’t until the Muppet Movie that I came back around. Specifically, this….


Solo Mardi Gras! Me Party!

One more question, y’all. Should I sign up for one of those shitty Food Network baking competition shows??? I very much hate the dumb twists and how the people all have to talk to each other in the middle of their bakes. “Mary Deborah, what kind of cake using three kinds of olives are you making? And what’s your most painful high school memory?” But – maybe this is my superhighway to fame and fortune. And a book deal! And maybe flirting with Jesse Palmer…..


Ok. Thanks! Bye!

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