MILKBAR CLASS & warshington dc

Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi

It’s Sunday night and jimmy is right over there👈🏼 and watching this show called Durrells in Corfu. It’s really lame. But it’s a medium nice way to wrap up a busy Washington DC weekend.

The real point of coming to dc was to run the marine corps 10k which we did this morning. I ran the ENTIRE WAY but was so slow and that’s PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE! I can’t figure out how to get the results so let’s just say that I came in 3rd!

So I figured out that there’s a MILKBAR in dc that does cake baking classes so I signed up and boy oh boy was it real disappointing.

1. There was no Christina Tosi there which I guess is understandable but still I sure wish she was there maybe in hologram form at least

2. It was really a cake assembly class – the cakes were already baked when we got there. AND – they didn’t even give us like a recipe card. No worries. The recipe is online. LINK! I just wish they would’ve handed something out or at least said something during the class….

3. The assembly really only takes about 10 minutes but they stretched it out to an hour. I was so bored! For the second hour they showed us how to make birthday cake truffles which are so easy…. and again only take about 20 minutes. I was like “hey y’all. My dang time is precious and y’all are wasting it with foolishness and nonsense!”

4. Maybe intentionally, but they gave us a beefy break in the middle and encouraged us to go to the MILKBAR cafe for a coffee and a snack. I got a birthday cake latte and it was delicious but I already paid like $95 for this class – maybe throw the coffee in for free??? Sheesh!!! OR A MIMOSA?????

5. The truffles were a group activity and fuck – I hate working in groups with people I don’t know. I DONT WANT TO MAKE NEW FRIENDS EVER AGAIN IN MY LIFE. Stop forcing me to interact with new people!!!!!

6. The cake and the truffles were delicious.

so. The only other real development from the weekend is that I came up with another show idea. It’s a fun TGIF style sitcom about two freshmen congress representatives that have to live together because the rents in dc are so expensive. BUT she’s a hard nosed hawkish republican and he’s a bleeding heart lib and they have bunk beds for some reason. Her best friend is a lobbyist named DEB and his brother is a janitor or some shit. They also have a talking dog named CRAMSON. They deal with a Russian hacker and join committees and meet constituents and maybe fall in love???? It’s called Bipartisan Bunkbeds and it’s a midseason replacement for Family Guy, which sucks.

Here’s more pictures from the trip!

I hope y’all likes my blog post! BYE!!!!!

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