My Ranking Of Short North, Columbus Chocolate Chip Cookies That You Can Find By Rental Scooter!

Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi!

It’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Week here in the tent and I’m still mucking around with my SIGNATURE BAKE.  I think I’ve locked in on my SPECIAL INGREDIENT, but I still need to work on the actual bake and the full recipe.  The first few batches were just ok, but not so good that they’re worth sharing….  SORRY!

But – I had this idea to do a tasting tour of the Short North neighborhood of Columbus while it was still medium warm out.  NOTE – Columbus just got rental scooters and I scooted around the Short North at lunchtime.  Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Here’s my ranking of Short North, Columbus Chocolate Chip Cookies That You Can Find By Rental Scooter!

6. Piece Of Cake Bakery (772 N. High St.).  $1.75.  These were bland little shits.  Real hard and not worth eating the whole thing.  Just right into the garbage….  NOTE – I feel like this is mostly a cake bakery – the people behind the counter were all carrying around cakes and on the phone with cake orders.  So, cookies are not the specialty.  So – I get it.  I sure hope those cakes are great!

5.  Pistacia Vera (North Market, 59 Spruce St.). $2.25.  Now, these guys were medium fancy – they had pistachios in them and I’m pretty sure dark chocolate.  They were soft and maybe underbaked, but really nothing to write grandma about.  Listen – these guys are known for their French bakes, like their macarons and canales, so again – I think these were maybe an afterthought…..  Just not a real wow from me, OK???

4. Northstar Cafe (951 N. High St.). $3.00.  Whoever baked these cookies was like “I LOVE SALT ON MY COOKIES AND I LIVE ON THE CORNER OF DEAL STREET AND WITH IT AVENUE (so deal with it!)!”  What could’ve been a tip-top cookie was just oversalted and I’m sorry – it was just too much for me, y’all!

3. Little Eater (North Market, 59 Spruce St.). $1.75.  The little sign next to these cookies says “the best chocolate chip cookie” and I think they’re like soooo close….  These cookies are def B+ cookies, just too greasy.  They taste great, but you are absolutely looking at stomach issues after one of these.

2. Laughlin’s Bakery (15 E. 2nd Ave.). $4.00!!!!  Another massive cookie here.  Way too big for a normal person!  But, come on – these are ridiculously good.  They’re soft and – guess what – I think they put some cinnamon in there for EXTRA FLAVOR!  I got notes of dang cinnamon, y’all!!!!  NOTE – the owner is v good-looking and I just think he should be at the counter all the time…..  Usually it’s some other somebody.  Here’s the owner….

Image result for jonas laughlin

Hubba Hubba!  Wow wow wow wow wow!

  1. Fox In The Snow (1031 N. 4th St.), $2.50.  This dump is Millennial Central and technically it’s Italian Village, but it’s well worth the scoot.  I’m a die-hard super fan of the Egg Sandwich there, but these Choco Chip Cookies are also just so so good.  There’s like a caramel situation happening in them that is on top of the chocolate business.  They’re the perfect size and saltiness and texture and bake.  It’s def the best cookie in the Short North and if you disagree, find a knife and sit on it.  Yow!  THIS IS THE WINNER.

Note – Tasi Cafe is cute and they sometimes have choco chip cookies, but they didn’t today, which is FUCKING BULLSHIT. But I like Tasi and so I put them on the map too….

And – that’s how I feel about that!

I’m going to see if I can’t track down the baker at Fox In The Snow for an exclusive interview!  Wouldn’t that be exciting!?  You bet your sweet ass it would!

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